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Happy Endings

Maize, adopted May 2016

Hansel, Adopted January 2016

Lucy, Adopted in June 2014

Jimmy, Adopted in July 2012

Duchess, Adopted March 2016

Charlie, Adopted 2-14-2015

Sidney, adopted in December 2014

Sabra, adopted in October 2014

Benji & Ira, Adopted in September 2012

Ariel, Adopted in July 2012

Thorin, Adopted in October 2012

Peanut & Rosie, Adopted in October 2012

Cleo, Adopted in February 2012

Rosie, Adopted in July 2012

Ozzie, Adopted in December 2012

Brock, Adopted in October 2011

Coco, Adopted in November 2011

Choctaw, Adopted in December 2011

Jesse, Adopted in June 2011


Shorty with his new Dad
Adopted in June, 2011



Sparky, Adopted in June 2011

Sterling - Adopted by Sharon
January 2011

Adopted May 2011

Tex, now Foster
Adopted by Max & Jeanne
March 2011

Charlie - Adopted by Mark & Gwen
January 2011

Timmie (left) - Adopted October 2010

Suzie, now Libby
Adopted by Mark & Jenny
October 2010

Sadie Jane - Adopted by Vicki
November 2009

Sadie was an 8 week old puppy when rescue took her in. She & her littermate had internal parasites and ringworm and had to be quarantined for over 9 weeks. She is now happy and healthy
in her forever home

Sammie - Adopted by Terry & Fran
January 2010

Jamey - Adopted February 2009

Jamey was heartworm positive when he came into rescue. He has since recovered and is chasing birds & squirrels in his backyard.

Jasper - Adopted by Chris
March 2009

Jasper was a dog whose owner tragically died in a house fire. Jasper was found next to his owner and was revived by the fire department and paramedics. After overcoming smoke inhalation,
he is happy & healthy once again


Alison - Adopted by Dennis & Sharon
March 2010

Beau - Adopted by Sharon
October 2010

Sadi - Taz - Charlie & Charlie
ALL adopted by Mark & Gwen

Yancey, now Danforth - Adopted in 2010

Buddy - Adopted February 2010

Piffin - Adopted by Robert & Bobbie
December 2009


Cassie - now Abbey May Adopted June 2010


Cody - Adopted by Robert &Eileen
August 2008


Abbey (right) fostered by Sharon Adams
Adopted by Lynn

Charley - Adopted by Joe
July 2010

Charley was a stray hit by a car and needed major surgery to repair his pelvis. Many Many people across the USA and beyond
donated to help pay for his care.
A HUGE Thank You to everyone that gave this young boy a second chance at life!

Taz - 15 years old in 2010
Our oldest Aussie out of Rescue
Adopted in 2001


Tucker - Adopted in 2009

Katie - Ruby - Sam

Rescue Parade, Rapid City SD
National Specialty Show 2010