Memorial Donations

If you would like to place a Memorial, please contact Carole Larsen for details.




Donation was made in memory of Teddy & Bonzer by Amy Cross, Lynden Harris and Cooper Harris.


Donation made in honor of Sharon Blackburn, who passed away on June 24, 2017. Sharon raised and loved 5 Aussies since July 5, 1976


GCH CH Merrigangs Wild N Crazy Guy CD RN MX MXJ ME EE6

Donations made in memory of Reggie by Darlene Evans and Eileen Cummings


In Memory of

Donation was made in memory of CH Shastakin Sir Percivale 10-15-99 / 10-21-13 Shastakin Ruby Red Sunrise CGC THD 2-8-04 / 3-19-14. Always loved, never forgotten.

Karen and Louis Ucci

In Memory of Boo

In Memory of Boo

Such a little firecracker! That sparkle of mischief in your eye! You were my naughty boy and I couldn't help but love you for it! RIP my special little Boo!

Loved by Vicki Klaas


In Memory of Bull

CH Temora Bully For You ROM EX January 16, 2004 to January 26, 2016. Donations made by:

Darlene Evans, Dorothy Dixon, Eileen Cummings, Carole Larsen and Judy O'Brien.


In Memory of Gulliver

Gulliver, loved by Jillian Martin and Annette Short. Donation made by:

Jillian Martin


In Memory of Dixie

2.15.2003 - 9.5.2017. Our sunshine will forever remain in our hearts. Bless you baby girl... until we are all together again. Donation made by:

David & Georgette DeMarte (aka. Papa & Mama)


Donation made by Marie Weidling in memory of her Aussie Chloe.


Donation made by Darlene Evans in memory of Mistletoe.


Donation from Rena Stevens Made in Memory of Nicky and his Owner.


In Memory of Jammer

Jammer was a beloved member of our family for more than 11 years. He was a lively, loving, spirited dog who made us laugh and kept us busy! Jammer's jaunty gait and attitude, along with the fact that he was a beautiful dog, attracted attention from neighbors and strangers during his daily walks. Many had never heard of Australian Terriers, and he was a great ambassador for the breed. Jammer was the picture of health for 10 1/2 years, and then sadly became very ill. We hated to say goodbye. We miss him very much, and he will never be forgotten! Loved by Kari Frost & Kristi Dalenberg

In Memory of Cena

In Memory of CH Aka Inu Azucena Firewalker “Cena”, 2007-2015. Loved and missed by Grace, Bruce, Rose, and the rest of the Firewalker family. Cena, better known as Mama, brought love and laughter to every face she licked and every lap she jumped in. She was the original “wiggle butt” with bangs every girl dreams of. Mama told it like it was and let you know exactly what she was thinking. Although she was taken from us much too soon, Mama’s infectious spirit and spunk lives on always. We love you Mama! Donation made by Allison and Kelsey.


In Memory of Jack

Jack was my best friend, traveling over 100,000 miles with me over the years. He was patient as can be and never asked for anything but to just to be by my side. Little did he know that as a rescue I considered myself the lucky one and needed him much more than he ever needed me. Loved by Denise.

In memory of Esther Krom

Sad news for those of us who knew her... ATCA member and Aussie breeder Esther Krom passed away on Tuesday Aug 5, 2014 at her home in Clifton, NJ with her dogs by her side. Esther will be missed by the many long-time breeders/exhibitors. Donations made in memory of Esther by: Susan Jacobsen, Jim & Susan Gersin, Darlene Evans, Christine Nicholson, Karen & Louis Ucci, Wismiss Australian Terriers, Alexa Samarotto, Daniel & Janet Lavis, Members of New Jersey Beanfield Earthdogs Club, Marilyn Harban, Sandra Weigle, Louis & Cheryl Trohatos.

Esther Krom

In Memory of Sadie

Sadie we adopted via the Internet when a veterinarian's mother posted online about a young girl Aussie, who the owner wanted to put her down because he was moving to a no-pets apartment. Sadie was funny, feisty and passionately devoted to her family. She earned her NA and AXJ, she was an inept agility dog who brought smiles and laughter to the onlookers, till Mark gave up on being the entertainment. She helped raise our daughter and helped us weather all troubles that came our way. She filled our lives with laughter, and love and we will miss her forever. Loved by Mark McGrath & Margie Robins.

In Memory of Abbott

Abbott came to us as a foster from the Alabama rescue. I was made to promise that we would not keep any of the foster dogs before I could volunteer to house them. However it was Mark who fell in love and decided to keep Abbot. One of our friends described Abbott as an “old soul” and he did seem to take the world in stride. He adjusted easily to the comforts of being a house dog and was always his most happy snuggled up next to canine or human. Loved by Mark McGrath & Margie Robins. Donation made in memory of Abbot by Susan Saulvester.


In Memory of Ripley

In Memory of Tak A Chance Rowdy Ripley, CGC. He is my heart. Ripley made me laugh at all of his antics. He once shut himself in the closet tugging on a piece of hanging clothing, he backed into the door and it shut. When I opened the door, there he stood with that silly Aussie look "Hey, you found me". I was so proud and glad to be his "human". I truly lived in his world. loved by Nikki & Brian LeJeune.

Donation made by Susan Saulvester in memory of Ripley, owned and loved by Brian & Nikki LeJeune

In Memory of Auggie

November 16, 1998 - April 20, 2013. Our Auggie passed away on Saturday, April 20, 2013, around 2 PM. It was three weeks after he was diagnosed with Lymphangiectasia. Despite all our efforts, he unfortunately did not respond to the medical treatment. Auggie had so much personality. He was funny and clever, smart, goofy, and loyal. When we were out and about he kept a watchful eye on all of us, making sure no one strayed. Auggie happily shared his home with our other dogs and cats. Here he is pictured with his sister Lillie. He was the sweetest boy in all of the world - he was our joy, and we miss him more than we can say. He was almost 14-1/2 years old and he was ours since the age of 8 weeks. Auggie was a part of our lives for a very long time (but not long enough) and we had many happy moments with him in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and Ocean City, New Jersey... wonderful memories all. Loved by, Jane Voeste and Marion Robus.



Donation made by Longs Peak Dog Training Club of Fort Collins, CO in memory of Barbera Curtis's dogs Katzan, Annie, Topper and Maggie. Club members will miss seeing these wonderful bright-eyed competitors in obedience and agility. They will never be forgotten.


Joyce McPherson passed away May 19, 2013. Joyce was very instrumental in the beginning of Rescue in the early 1980’s. Joyce was always available to step in and assist in placing Aussies, or talking to people about the merits of the breed. As with all people, Joyce was always concerned about the health of the Aussie. She was an active member of ATCA for over 25 years. She will be dearly missed. 'Say not in grief 'she is no more' but live in thankfulness that she was.' Donations Made in Memory of Joyce by Darlene Evans.


Donation made by Susan Saulvester In memory of MACH2 Greyrock On the Edge UD VER RE MXG MJB2 XF (Katzen) and MACH 2 Tattercoats Tophat With Tail UDX2 VER RE XF ( Topper), owned by Barbera Curtis.


In Memory of Lucy

Donations Made in Memory of Lucy by Connie Fitzsimmons. In memory of my granddog Lucy Fitzsimmons, who was rescued by Brooke and John Fitzsimmons. It might have been her eyes. It might have been her prance. It might have been her sweet demeanor. Whatever it was, people loved Lucy. They were drawn to her. And she loved every person she met. The day we met her, she fell madly in love with us and we with her. She was instantly a part of our family and she will remain as such. She was such a small little girl, but she touched our lives in a huge way. Thank you, Australian Terrier Rescue, for introducing our family to such a beautiful little soul and for opening our lives to the wonderful world of rescue. RIP, little Lucy. We love you always. Thank you for your love for 8 short years. Loved by Brooke Fitzsimmons.

In Memory of Bonner

He came into our lives at the young age of 8 weeks, confident and “cool”, checked out each room in the house and as if to say “this place ain’t bad!” We decided to name him Bonner, a unique name for a truly special Aussie. He was definitely our “first born.” The bond between us and Bonner grew, as he grew into a loving, kind and protective boy. He was the ultimate companion, accepting us with all our flaws and always showing his love and support for us with his “smooches!”

Bonner accepted responsibilities as they came his way, taking care of his baby sister Dixie (pictured) was a prime example. His love and patience for her was amazing, even during the times when he just wanted to lay on the couch, belly up, of course! As the years went by they became our “bookends”. Dixie looked up to her big brother for guidance (she was greatly in need of that) and Bonner was always there for her. Dixie eventually became the “princess” and Bonner, in his ever gentle way took a back seat. Though, every now and then, when she really got under his skin, he would surely put her in her place.


We rescued Foster, a 7 year old blind and diabetic Aussie. Unfortunately, Dixie did not take too kindly to Foster, it was clear she was jealous of all the attention he was getting, having to test his blood twice daily and administer his insulin shots. Bonner, on the other hand, accepted Foster, and was the best brother ever til the last day of Foster’s life.

A year after Foster’s passing, Stevie, a blind Cairn Terrier Mix became a family member. This time, with the help of a professional, we introduced him to both Bonner, and especially Dixie. Interestingly, Dixie accepted Stevie. To this day…they are best buds. Dave and I truly feel that Bonner was allowing Stevie into our lives because he knew he was not going to be with us for much longer. And sadly, that was the case. Bonner showed us he was ill, one Saturday afternoon in November, 2012. Our drive to the vets office, with Bonner on my lap, was the last time for his “smooches.” He later passed due to complications following gall bladder surgery.

Bonner will always be “OUR BEST IN LIFE” and we were blessed to share near 11 years with this gentle soul. Bonner love and Bonner memories will be forever in our hearts. Dave and Georgette De Marte aka “Mama and Papa”


In Memory of Jasper

Donations Made in Memory Of 'Jasper' One of the Kansas 4.

Carole Larsen and Julie Seaton - Jasper is in a better place now, there are no cages, no pain, no disease, just miles of grass to run and play and sleep on and plenty of Aussie's to play and wrestle with. Rest in Peace little one, you deserved so much more than what you got in life. I wish I could have showed you spring.

Janet Broida - I only knew Jasper thru Facebook posts, but his rescue - all 4 of the Kansas City rescues - touched my heart. I am as sadden by his death as I would be if I lost one of my own Aussies.

In Memory of Mookie

On October 29, 1993, my husband and I adopted our first dog, Mookie, who was rescued and fostered by Susan Saulvester. Mookie was our only dog for four years until we decided she might benefit by having a companion. Plans were made to get a second Aussie, Bob, from another breeder. Before Bob could join us, however, fate intervened and we wound up with another dog. This started early one morning when Mookie and I were outside. A beagle, obviously a stray, approached us and followed us up our driveway to the house. Mookie didn't like this interloper and let him know by turning around and barking at him nonstop. "Buddy" joined our family not long after, and Mookie showed us she was the "boss" dog, as explained by the following.


One warm spring day after Buddy had been with us just about two months, my father-in-law came over to garden and decided to take Mookie and Buddy out to the "back 40." While out back, Buddy picked up a scent and strained to be let off the leash. My father-in-law let him go! Mookie immediately began barking furiously, straining to get off the leash. Dad let her off the leash also, and off she went, chasing Buddy, barking all the while! As Dad told us later, he lost sight of them as they entered the woods; but he could hear Mookie barking. He said the sound of her barking grew faint as they ran through the woods and then grew louder as they came down our road and up the driveway to the house. Once back at the house, she sat down on the patio, and looked at him as if to say, "What were you thinking? Don't do that again!"

In addition to being "boss dog," Mookie became the official greeter, welcoming neighbors, friends, and family who came to visit. She especially loved children, as we saw when our six-year-old nephew visited for a few days without his mother. It was his first time away from home and he cried for his mother. Mookie got up, walked into his room, jumped into bed with him, and he was not upset any longer. On December 31, 2009, we lost our beloved Mookie. She had been a member of our family for 16 years, and we miss her daily. Having Mookie in our lives was a joy!


In Memory of Rusty

CH. Tak A Chance Diamonds N' Rust, Rusty, 3/1/1997 - 11/29/2011

In May of 1997, I flew into Atlanta to bring home my sweet puppy. My first meeting him brought tears to my eyes because he was so adorable. Never thinking I would show him, as he was to be a pet. Entered him in a puppy match and he won it, so his show career started. Before long he was a champion. Thru him I met so many people and made so many friends. Travelled many miles to show Rusty and I enjoyed it all. I was so proud of him. Rusty lived a long, good life with two other Aussies, Ginger and Emma who already had gone to the Rainbow Bridge and were their to meet him when it was his time. Rusty, I will remember you forever. Loved by Carole Larsen.

In Memory of Taz

A furry friend is not gone, until they are forgotten! And to live in the hearts of those left behind is to live forever. Taz holds a special place in our hearts and always will. Loved by Jim and Lisa Meyerhoff.

Donation in loving Memory of Taz Meyerhoff, from Kelby Luther, Amy Dawson & Ellen Estee.



Donation made in Memory of Nedra Adams.


Donation from Rena Stevens made in Memory of Nicky and his Owner.


Donation Made in Memory of Tom Stallings.


Donation Made by Kathy Schneider in Memory of Lucy & Tilly.


Donation Made by Mary Wade in Memory of Nedra Adams.


Donation Made by Doug & Sharon Blackburn in Memory of "Ridge".


In Memory of Sheila

MOTCH, U-OCH Feathertop Sassi Sheila, UDX, RE

Sheila was one of a kind, as far as my performance dogs go. She was a sassy little puppy but became a beautiful working dog. She made me proud of her everytime we went into the ring whether we passed or failed but she did more passing than failing for me. She won many first places and High in Trials in the Canadian Kennel Club, United Kennel Club and American Kennel Club. She won the High in Trial in 2006 at the Australian Terrier Specialty in Obedience. She was her own little lady but also loving and liked to please (when it pleased her).

I can't imagine another Sheila but I guess they all are one of a kind. I lost her on June 23, 2009 at the age of 10. I know she is waiting for me on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Karen E. Smith, Best Friend to Sheila.

In Memory of Jem and Cecily

Dreamtime's Little Dove & CH Dreamtime's Sweet Delight.

They were sisters born April 15, 2006, lost tragically on February 22 & 23, 2010 from a reaction to Sulfa. Gone From My Sight, But Never My Memory. Gone From My Touch, But Never My Heart. Loved by Marilyn Harban.

Jem and Cecily

In Memory of Andy

CH Bondiblu's We Be Jammin'

He was our first bred-by to finish. Which could he have enjoyed more, the excitement of the ring or the couch by the TV, we'll never know. Though every bit the boy, a kinder dog you couldn't of asked. Sharing his treasured places and things with sibling, parent and rescue alike. We lost him too soon to renal failure, a complication of SARDS. His beautiful, sad eyes dimmed. Alive with love and loyalty to the last. We miss you, little guy. Always in our hearts, Mike & Terry Palazzo.

In Memory of Sharon Adams

On August 7th, 2010 we lost one of our own - Sharon Adams of Oklahoma. Sharon had been an active member of the Australian Terrier Club of America for 20 years and had been an active member of Australian Terrier Rescue for the last 10 years. We shall miss her dearly. While she lies in peaceful sleep, Her memory we shall always keep. Donations made in Memory of Sharon by: Darlene Evans, Julie Seaton, Teresa Randall, Oklahoma City Obedience Club and Bill Canfield.

Sharon Adams

In Memory of Archie

CH Plesant Pastures Marble Arch ROM CGC. Archie, my faithful friend and companion for many years. He taught me the wonders of Aussies.

Loved by Sandra Weigle


In Memory of Emma

Emma Peale, 1996 - 2011. Sweet gentle girl, she knew the meaning of devotion. Forever in my heart.

Loved By Carole Larsen


In Memory of Ginger

Ginger Spice 1998 - 2011. My sweet little darling girl, she took every rescue dog I fostered under her little paw and showed them how to be a good dog. She was a social butterfly, never met a person or dog she did not like. Forever in my heart.

Loved By Carole Larsen


In Memory of Prince

12/27/2001 to 10/19/2010

Prince was my beloved fur baby. Since he was 12 weeks old, we spent hours together each day doing all the things he loved: stealing my socks for treats, riding in the car with the windows down (even during the winter), walking in the woods rain or shine, playing tug and ball with us and his sister (Lucy)- he always won. We did all these things the day before he died - in my arms at home from a very rare and untreatable cancer of the spleen. Just as he waited so patently for me each day at the door, I now patiently wait for our reunion someday across the rainbow bridge. Loved by Jean.

In Memory of Adel

From the first moment we saw Adel, her love for us and our family was something special from this little girl of an Aussie, who we recently lost at an age of thirteen years. With her easy-going manner, Adel just loved being held, especially watching Wheel of Fortune. What fascinated her about this show we could never resolve. Adel also exhibited an unusual interest in producing well-defined shapes, such as a straight line, angles, or curves with her kibble bits. Most importantly, Adel was all Australian Terrier, full of love and life, a little mischief, and doing her best to please. Adel is so missed. Loved By Ken & Beth.


In Memory of Rosalie

J-B-G's Hare Farm's New Blue Rose (Rosalee)

Born Sept 2, 2002. Named after her Great Aunt "Yaralla's Wild Rose" (Rosie), but was nothing like her. From the first time we saw Rosalee (10 Weeks), she told us how it was going to be. Rosalee was independent, headstrong, and bossy, unless of course she was being your best friend, your bed buddy or your protector. Rosalee protected her 4 acres. There wasn't a squirrel, possum, deer, snake, turtle or lizard that did not fear her. We lost Rosalee November 22, 2010 due to cancer. She had a short life but she lived big. Loved By David & Tina.

In Memory of Bear

Bear was a part of the family before we ever knew he existed. In April of 2006 Pam and I received an e-mail from the Breeder (Marsha Gray) of another one of the Australian Terriers we already had in the family. At that time I had sworn that we would not have a third dog in the house (We had Boomer and Jodie, both Australian Terriers, already). Pam was in one part of the house reading the e-mail and I was in the other. She came to me, and to her surprise saw that I was crying. I had just read the message that Susan Saulvester had sent out with respect to Bear. Pam asked if we might know of someone who would be willing to take care of Bear. Before she could finish the sentence, I said we would. For whatever reason, and I can't explain it, Bear was already a part of me and I could not turn him away.


As Pam would later put it, Bear and I were bonded at the heartstrings. I remember going to the Vet office that Bear was staying out. They brought Bear out to me and immediately he came over to me and licked my face (Bear was a great, albeit sloppy kisser!!!). After a short while of getting to know each other, I was ready to leave with Bear. The original intent of the Vet was for us to have a trial weekend with Bear to see how things would work out. As I was leaving they expressed just that sentiment, and I looked them right in the eyes and said you don't understand, Bear is never coming back, he has a new home and we will do anything to make it work. I was never going to give him up.

The true testament to what Bear meant to our family is best stated by Pam. While she and Boomer have a very special bond, she has admitted that there never has been another dog that she has known that was sweeter than Bear. All I can say is that Bear was the true example of the unconditional love that a dog gives its owner. While Bear fought against diabetes, vestibular and hypothyroidism for the entire time we had him, he never stopped loving us and always had a smile on his face. We know he was suffering, but he never showed it, or stop dedicating himself to his family. On January 25, 2011 we lost our dear sweet Bear. He was with us for less than 5 years, but his love and memory will last a lifetime. Dedication from Richard Karr.


In Memory of Bailey

Bailey was eight years old when we adopted him, having spent all his life in a puppy mill as a stud. He had a chronic yeast infection in one ear and had most of his teeth removed because of abscesses from lack of dental care. His eyes were dull and muscles soft from a lack of stimulation and exercise. He also exhibited aggressive kennel behavior at times around feeding.

Over time with us, he transformed into a sweet and loving little guy. His muscles became toned, his eyes brightened, and his behavior softened. He loved to lie on his back in our backyard and in his favorite cozy. He became an integral member of our furry family of two dogs and two cats, always traveling with us on vacation trips. We tried to give him as many great years as we could.

Alas, after four plus years with us, his time ran out. A severe tumor in the left side of his head forced us to put him down when the pain became too great. It was a crushingly sad time when we had to say good-bye to this sweet little dog. His legacy lives on, however, in our newly acquired, Jesse, a younger male Aussie, whom we adopted through ATR. We often refer to him as Bailey's Gift, as we have come to love this spunky, smart, and lovable breed. We'll miss you, Bails. Marc & Susan.

In Memory of Joan Holbert

ATCA member Joan Holbert passed away in August 2012 from complications related to diabetes.

Joan fell in love with Australian Terriers in 1969 while living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Joan and Bob went to look at Schnauzers and came home with their first Aussie, McGuffey. The family moved to Ohio where Joan became interested in obedience with her second Aussie, UCD Dinky Di Sugar'n Spice CDX CGC ( 1990-2003). Molly (Tak-A-Chance Molly By Golly, CD, RA, Therapy Dog, CGC) was introduced to the family in 1998. Molly was the first Aussie to acquire an ATCA Versatility Award based on Therapy Dog certification.

Joan was a Trainer, Registrar, and Director with the Clermont County, Ohio Dog Club for many years and was a member of the Delta Society. She took Molly to various places as a Therapy dog to bring joy and healing. Joan and Molly also participated in the R.E.A.D. program with children.

Joan Holbert

In Memory of Daisy Wade

I write with tears in my eyes, with the sad news that Daisy passed away on July 30th. She was almost 13 years old. She was surrounded by her family and friends. Her veterinary and day care family at Clocktower Animal Hospital loved her almost as much as Steve and I did! I miss her so much, but I am happy that she and Nedra and Jerry are together.

In Memory of Wylie

Wylie was a wonderful dog who loved to go for long walks with me and loved to chase flashlights and any other type of light that reflected off the walls. I don't think he really thought he was a dog, either that or he thought other dogs weren't worth his trouble. Loved by Margie Roulston.


In Memory of Tillie

July 8, 2008 - March 3, 2015

We adopted Tillie from Australian Terrier Rescue in July 2008 through the efforts of Sandy Lassen in Petaluma, California. Tillie had been picked up on the streets of Redding by the local animal shelter and was rescued by ATR.

Tillie's back story was one of abuse and neglect. When we adopted her, she was about 6 years old and blind in her right eye. She was very shy and wary of people. It took us a long time to win her trust, but in some ways, she never quite got over her difficult early years. Never one to cuddle, she did have her own way of showing she loved us, which was to be close but not too close, always with us but at a distance. Still, she was never far and no matter where we were in the house she would come and find us and gently nudge the back of our legs to remind us that she was there and happy to be.

Early on we learned that she had an insatiable appetite which caused her to chew through many a pocket of a jacket or sweatshirt to locate the treats therein. There was the time she got into the kibbles bag in the closet in Ocean City, NJ. She consumed way too much, and discovering her on our return with stomach blown up, we rushed her to the vet where she stayed the night until the crisis was over. Then there was the time she found the backpack with earthquake supplies in our San Francisco foyer closet. She dragged the pack into the living room where she gnawed through everything in it, destroying boxes of water and nibbling on the 3-day emergency food bar which she discarded after tasting.

Tillie was a fighter. She was diagnosed with Diabetes in October 2012. In early 2013 she had a severe bout of Pancreatitis and had her gall bladder removed. She rebounded quickly, but soon after was diagnosed with Cushings Disease. Because of her Diabetes, she developed cataracts, and had a successful operation on her good eye in November 2013. Tillie was a trooper, tolerating daily medications and insulin shots. The past few months, however, have been rough going for her, as the tumor on her pituitary gland, which was the origin of the Cushings, grew to cause her problems with her eye sight, sense of smell and also with her cognitive abilities.

Tillie was a very little dog who occupied a very large part of our lives. She will live on in our happy memories of good times in San Francisco, Ocean City, and Lake Tahoe. Loved by Jane Voeste and Marion Robus.

"I loved you well, and was loved. Deep Love endures to the end and far past the end. If this is my end, I am not lonely. I am not afraid. I am still yours."

From "The House Dog's Grave" by Robert Jeffers