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Terrier Rescue

Dedicated to the safety and well-being of Australian Terriers in need.

We can only help within the USA & Canada

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Our Volunteers

This organization is made up entirely of people who volunteer their time and money to foster and place these little dogs in caring, loving homes. Almost all the dogs that come into Rescue need rehabilitation and training by the new foster and adoptive owners, who are supported and supervised by experienced members of Rescue.

We are desperately in need of foster homes and sponsors for our older and disabled dogs.

If you are truly interested in a rescue dog that is older, or a dog with a disability, please contact us via the Inquiry Form. We will keep your name on file and contact you whenever a dog is available for rescue.

Sometimes, as volunteers, we get busy with our own dogs and lives, so please be patient in receiving an e-mail from the Coordinator assigned to your state. If you have not heard back from someone in a week or so, please do not hesitate to contact us again.



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